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Peacocks/ Pavos reales

Peacocks/ Pavos reales
A fun and familiar topic, simple, bilingual text, and a strong photo- text match make this series a perfect introduction to reading. Engaging, full-page photographs will capture ELLs’ attention, while the text explains the features and habits of animals children see at the zoo.
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ISBN 10: 0-8368-8235-0

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Format: Hardbound Book
Reading Level: Grades K - 2
Fountas & Pinell: D (English text)
Author: Kathleen Pohl
Dewey: 598.6
Copyright: 2008
Specifications: 7" x 7", 24 pages, Reinforced library binding, Full-color photographs

Key Features

• Close photo-text match and labeled photographs • Bilingual text that provides a home-school connection • Glossary, Index

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